WSIB Patients

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Please call 705-523-2471 to schedule an appointment, we do not accept online booking for this service.

WSIB Patients

We accept WSIB claims. If you are injured at work,we work directly with WSIB.

To be eligible for the coverage, your accident must be reported to your employer and a report must be filed (form 6).

Physiotherapy is direct access, therefore patients DO NOT NEED A PHYSICAN’S REFERRAL.

Patients have up to six months from the time of the accident to claim benefits.

Steps that you should expect when you come to our clinic under WSIB:

  • Have your claim number and your adjudicators contact information before you book an appointment.
  • Once your claim is approved, an initial assessment will be schedule with a Registered Physiotherapist.

At Accelerated Physio we will utilize a variety of treatment techniques and protocols to most effectively treat your specific condition and enable you to return to work in a timely manner.