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Are you dealing with an injury due to an accident? Consult a reliable physio clinic in Sudbury for the right treatment. Accelerated Physio & Sports Rehab offers physiotherapy treatment in Sudbury and the surrounding areas.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining function. This involves the assessment of musculoskeletal injuries through biomechanical analysis and objective testing. A physiotherapist’s objective is to identify and treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Our physiotherapy treatment plans are non-invasive so you can feel relaxed as we work to improve your symptoms through a variety of methods. 

Based on your clinical presentation, our team offers physio treatment in Sudbury via a treatment plan that will decrease pain, and improve strength and mobility. Education will be provided for pain management, biomechanics and prevention.

What Does Treatment Include?

At Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab, our Sudbury physiotherapists integrate hands-on manual therapy with active therapeutic exercises to promote postural control, correct muscle imbalances and restore function. Electrical modalities are also implemented to reduce pain and promote soft tissue healing.

Treatments Offered By Our Sudbury Physiotherapists Include:


Manual Therapy

Soft tissue release techniques such as Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM™), Active Release Therapy, and joint mobilization are used to increase mobility, decrease pain and reduce scar tissue.

Low Level Laser Therapy

This therapy involves the safe and effective use of a laser that penetrates the skin without the heating effect. Laser light directs biostimulative light energy to the body’s cells which are converted to chemical energy to promote healing and decrease pain. Our physiotherapists in Sudbury use a Terraquant Low level Laser.

Exercise Therapy

In-clinic and home exercises are prescribed and are directed towards pre-injury function. Pilates-based exercise may be incorporated to strengthen the entire body as a unit, creating successful movement patterns that carry over to functional tasks.

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Correct and timely exercise rehabilitation is a vital component of the treatment of sports injuries. An exercise program is design using sport specific functional exercises to help the athlete return to sport as quickly as possible.


Analysis and corrective advice is given regarding potential causes of injury and management strategies. This may include lifestyle advice, exercise prescription, sport technique/biomechanics and braces/support if required.

Electrical Modalities

Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab uses Shockwave, Ultrasound, Interferential Current, Muscle Stimulation for promotion of healing and pain control.


Your physiotherapist may use specialized tapes to stabilize your joints and promote recovery. Dynamic taping utilizes an elastic form of tape, giving support and stability to joints and muscles. It is also used for increased lymphatic drainage, reducing edema, pain management and to facilitate muscular contractions.

Endura Tape utilizes a rigid; highly adhesive tape designed to support joints, improve joint alignment and reduce maximum joint stress.

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