Personal Training/Pilates

Personal Training

Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab is a One Of A Kind Personal Training Facility. We house unique training equipment (Reformer,TRX, Profitter, Jump Boards, Disc’s,Bousu, Foam Rollars) that are used for Personal Training, Sport Specific Training and Injury Rehabilitation. Our facility is equiped to handle the fitness needs of everyone, from the workout novice to the extremely fit. Each session is instructed by a Certified Personal Trainer.

We offer True Personal Training, meaning for your scheduled time, the studio is all yours. No prying eyes, no line ups for equipment or chatty neighbours.

Personal Training will make the most of your valuable time and help you to achieve you fitness goals safely and effectively. Our trainers will design a specialized exercise program, paying particular attention to your technique while offering you constant motivation!

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Session Pricing

30 min Private Reformer/ Fitwall Personal Training Session $35

60 min Private Reformer/ Fitwall Personal Training Session $ 55

Package of ten Private Reformer/ Fitwall Personal Training 60 min Sessions $500

Package of 20 half hour sessions Private Reformer/Personal Training/fitwall $600

Semi Private (Duet) $35/person for an hour. This is available for Refomer, Spin/Pilates Fusion and Athletic Conditioning


Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab is the first physiotherapy clinic in Sudbury to offer the Pilates Reformer to compliment the client’s rehabilitation program. Our sessions are instructed by a Certified Pilates Instructor who will be using the “pilates method”.

Pilates is a specific exercise form that is non-impact and focuses on developing core strength, mobility, improved alignment, balance and coordination. It compliments traditional physiotherapy because it helps to gain better body awareness and promotes a rapid return to normal function and activities.

The V2 Max Vertical Rehab Reformer

Through the use of springs, the reformer provides assistance, allowing the client to move through range of motion with greater ease and control. By using springs, the resistance of the machine is gradual as your muscles contract, which ensures the muscles are being worked properly. We have recently upgraded our reformer to a V2 Max Vertical Rehab Reformer which allows for hundreds of exercises. This reformer is higher off the ground making it easier for the injured client to get on and off.

There is greater resistance at the muscle’s strongest point of contraction and less resistance on initiation and completion of the contraction, which relieves stress on tendons and ligaments. For this reason, the Reformer is an ideal machine to use in rehabilitation.

Pilates is a great adjunct to physiotherapy, because it is gentle on the joints and is extremely successful in preventing injuries.

Spin/Pilates Fusion

Spinning is one of the most effective cardiovascular and fat burning training systems in the fitness industry. We have designed a signature spinning/pilates session to improve your cardio, core, strength and flexibility all in one hour!

Session will include 30 min. private spinning, customized to your personal goals and 30 private Personal Training session.

Pilates and Personal Training FAQ'S

We only offer private and semi-private sessions. No crammed classes, where you feel you are a part of an assembly line. You will get the personalized attention you deserve under the watchful eye of an instructor to ensure you are performing the exercise properly. We are the only facility in Sudbury to offer the Pilates Reformer Machine, the Profitter and rotational discs that can be implemented into your session.

Non-physiotherapy clients are welcome! Your first session will include an assessment to make sure you understand and master the fundamental principals of Pilates or Personal Training. If your Physiotherapist feels that Pilates or Personal Training would be a great adjunct to your therapy, she may recommend it, and meet with the certified exercise instructor to discuss your personal needs.

Yes! Pilates is perfect for both men and woman regardless of age and fitness level. It is appropriate for athletes as means of performance enhancement helps to re-educate muscle patterning and to increase your core and overall functional strength. Professional athletes such as TIGER WOODS (PGA CHAMP), JASON KIDD (MBA player), THE NATIONAL BALLET, many elite FIGURE SKATERS and ALEXANDER OVECHKIN (NHL player) all have incorporated Pilates into their conditioning program.