Your Appointment

Please come to your appointment prepared with all necessary paperwork completed.

Forms can be downloaded below, or they can be faxed to you:

Physiotherapy: Charlotte Savela

Massage Therapy

We book a full hour for your initial assessment which includes treatment. Follow up visits are 30-45 min depending on your needs.

Your appointment time is a private, one-on-one session.

Payment is due after each session. You will be provided with a receipt that you can submit to your private insurance carrier for your re-imbursement.

Please note, we are not covered by OHIP. It is very important that you clarify your coverage prior to initiating physiotherapy treatment to ensure you are reimbursed to your full expectations.


Physiotherapy Rates

Initial Assessment $100.00

(60 min. including treatment)

Follow-up Treatments $65.00

(30 min.)

Missed Appointment Fee $65.00


Note: HST is not applicable to physiotherapy.

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. There will be a charge for late cancellations and for missed appointments.

Accelerated Physio and Sports rehab will not share any confidential medical history without your written consent. If you book appointments online you may receive information, notice of promotions and special offers from Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab. To remove yourself from our mailing list, please contact us at

We Provide Convenience You Can Rely On

Customer service is important to us. Our clinic aims to provide on-time appointments, prompt scheduling and online appointment booking with adequate treatment sessions to address your concerns.